I cannot begin to tell you folks what a pleasure it has been Chris. It was like dealing strictly with family. I spoke with one of your mechanics just awhile ago and was struck with how happy he sounded on the phone, how he wanted to stay on the phone until I found the connector I had called about and his statement..."I want you to be very happy with that bike." (He apparently worked on it.). When we were parting, he again said that he hoped that I would enjoy such 'a great bike'...How personable is that? As a representative of your shop, his attitude alone* is award deserving/winning. My entire arms length experience dealing with you folks from reception on down, has been one of great pleasure. I have dealt with a number of other HD shops over my years of riding...they all could learn a few lessons from you folks.

Many many thanks again.


Great place, with excellent Staff!

Plenty ofnoptions and toys to suit what you need.

Matt C.

Nice dealership friendly staff lots of inventory selection

Kevin D.

Wow, we'll stocked for an out of the way location! Great owner and staff.

E. Elsa

Love my rocker c and the service was fast and good thanks Chris and John

Gary W.

Very friendly also very helpful

Rod G.

Excellent service -was able to diagnose my issue and take care of it promptly.

Joe K. Z.